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sorry we are not accepting anymore Christmas preorders for party platters for food

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What is durum?


/ˈdjʊərəm/ noun 

1. a kind of hard wheat grown in arid regions, having bearded ears and yielding flour that is used to make pasta.

Pasta has been being made for hundreds if not thousands of years. Ever hear of the saying “if it aint broke don’t fix it”? Well somewhere along the way some very "smart" people decided to try. Before there was such thing as pesticides and chemical processes, pasta was made simply. Simply using good flour, good eggs and water, pasta was born.


We are not trying to reinvent the process, we are just making pasta the way it was meant to be made; with natural ingredients so we can offer a naturally good product. We only use 100% American-made, certified organic semolina and durum flours in our pasta, which is sourced from North Dakota. All our pastas have a combination of the following three indredients: organic flour, organic eggs, and filtered water.  That's it! 


if it’s not organic, it’s not authentic. and if it’s not authentic, then it’s not 

durum artisan fresh pasta. 

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